We pride ourselves on selling trading cards in all conditions, from gem mint to heavy play. However, our cards are not professionally graded. We will always be honest with our grading but be aware there is always a margin of error and we cannot always be 100% accurate.

If you feel we have incorrectly graded a card, please contact us and appropriate action will be taken.

General grading guidelines are as follows - 

Mint/Near Mint - Like new. Card has no visible damage. Pulled from pack, without use.

Light Play - These range from tiny imperfections to slight corner whitening. Usually appear mint in sleeves.

Played - A card of this condition has clear visible damage. The card may look well used or aged, may have wear in the corners or scratches may appear under a light. If you would like more information on cards of this variant, please contact us.

 If you have any questions, please see our FAQs page.